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Calling all Cool Hunters! Discover what's now and next at Trendy Treat. Globalize your closet with curated selections from emerging designers around the globe. Find reviews of the latest hotspots in fashion, travel, and food. Shake up your social life with the Trendy Treat Social Club. Love us online? Come meet us in person at our social events, connect with other globally curious trend-seekers.


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Grace Wethor Interview

Grace Wethor Interview

When I was 13 years old, I started feeling sick, tired, and having recurring daily migraines. Worst of all, I started losing passion for the things that I loved. One day, my mom took me to the ER because she thought I might have Mono. They did some blood work and realized that my white and red blood cell counts were abnormal.
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Best Female Celebrity Style

If you are looking for a fashion to follow and pattern your style, Hollywood’s best-dressed female celebrities are the people you can count on this year. The best, most stylish female Hollywood celebrities never fails to capture people’s attention in their stunning fashion choices.