Trendy LA Hotels

The West Hollywood Edition

With a rich heritage and eclectic character, the West Hollywood Edition luxury boutique hotel is more than a simple neighborhood hotel. It features the latest amenities, stunning architecture and offers something for everyone. A true neighborhood hotel, the West Hollywood Edition luxury boutique hotel offers the convenience of a center city setting with amazing dining, shopping and entertainment on its many streets. In addition to all of these exciting features, guests are offered the opportunity to experience an intimate homey feel when staying at this West Hollywood hotel. Many of the rooms feature private balconies, and each guest is pampered with comfortable room service.

A unique luxury boutique hotel, the West Hollywood Edition luxury boutique hotel offers guests the opportunity to relax and unwind during their stay. Guests can take advantage of the many activities in the city including shopping, dining and nightlife while they await their next trip. By day, the building houses an iconic landmark that has been designed to complement the elegant style of the hotel. Following a day of shopping or dining, guests are whisked away to the soft breezes of downtown LA, with the views of Los Angeles' famous skyline as their backdrop.

As you can see, the West Hollywood Edition luxury boutique hotel offers guests a unique lifestyle. From its quirky architecture to its exquisite suites, guests will enjoy the feeling of being transported back to the grandeur of old Hollywood. While it may not be as grand as a true boutique hotel, the West Hollywood Edition luxury boutique hotel is an exceptional venue for your next vacation.

Silver Lake Pool & Inn


Silver Lake, California is a small town located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is located on the east side of the San Gabriel Mountains and is the home of the Boutique Hotel and Silver Lake Pool and Inn. The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn are near downtown Los Angeles. People from around the world come to Silver Lake, to go on vacation because of the wonderful atmosphere and the great holiday destinations that the Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn offers. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn are a collection of luxury, elegance and comfort. It was established in 1997 by one of the most popular and richest restaurateurs in the area, the renowned and world-renowned Halsey Martin. The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn are equipped with the most modern and latest facilities available in hotels. It has twenty-four suites, five suites and one single bedroom all of which have in-house bathrooms and are ready for the guests. The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn are also equipped with the finest of amenities like Internet, ATM's, video gaming, two saunas, five fully-equipped bars, four restaurants, lounge areas, fitness centers, pedicure and manicure services and most importantly the best golf courses in the area. This is the reason why more people want to go to this location for their holidays and special occasions.

The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn is a place where the guests are treated like royalty. It is considered as one of the best places to meet, relax and unwind. The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn have made it their mission to provide quality service and comfort to its visitors and their clients. The Boutique Hotel and Pool and Inn provide for its guests with their complete satisfaction.

Surfrider Hotel

The 'Surfrider Hotel Malibu California' is the best resort and vacation destination in the Malibu area. The hotels of this place are famous for their hospitality and excellent service. Its facilities include a healthy swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot tubs, casino, etc. The hotel itself has been voted as one of the best five-star hotels in Malibu. The hotel offers impeccable accommodation and exquisite cuisine. The hotel is at the middle of the road when it comes to luxury accommodation.

The private beach of the hotel itself has a reasonably sized marina. It is well equipped with a marina and fine restaurants, fitness center, and golf course. This beach also has a small ski lodge in case you want to try your luck on snow skiing. There is also a training center for surf instructors that will help you on your surfing trips. The visitors of the hotel will be amused by the ample parking area. You can park your car anywhere inside the premises. If you want to enjoy the indoor eating place of the hotel then you will be spoilt for choice because of the variety of cuisines that the restaurant serves.

The hotel is the only luxury five-star hotel that offers an amazing view of the ocean and the mountains. The rooms have natural light, state-of-the-art furniture, and are spacious. They also come with unique deluxe room services that will make your stay very comfortable. A great deal of comfort and services are available here. However, if you are traveling alone then you will be benefited a lot with the en-suite bathrooms of the hotel. The facilities and service at the Surfrider Hotel Malibu California will surely make your stay very memorable.