Where to stay in Santa Monica?


After the tradition of Barbizon Santa Monica Beach, the Palihouse boutique hotel has re-designed itself to follow the same theme. A place of pure luxury and delightful ambiance, the Resort Palihouse boutique hotel provides guests with the best quality services and amenities to make their stay in the hotel a truly memorable one. This time around, the theme is popular and contemporary. For example, the design of the lobby has a more modern feel while the lobbies of the other sections of the hotel have an elegant and classy feel. The lobby has a modern touch of granite and quartz floors as well as excellent lighting. While the rooms are available in a variety of styles and layouts, the most popular is the Regency suite.

The hotel is about four times bigger than the earlier one and it also includes the Spa Hotel along with a spa and gym. It is a unique blend of modern comfort and luxury that can be enjoyed by all. Whether you are an energetic lady who loves to take part in activities or an introverted person who likes to stay in a serene and relaxing environment, you will love this brand new hotel. Other areas of interest include the Gym, children's area, restaurant, shopping, and other facilities like exhibition and convention center. You can also enjoy your holiday with all the best activities offered here.

The Brand new Beach Club has a swimming pool and water slides along with a skating rink for those who want to go for some fun and excitement. As far as the amenities are concerned, there is a fully equipped spa for the use of guests and there is also a mini theatre that is open during the day for the use of the guests. The Children's Club includes a poolside playground for the kids to use as well as an indoor playground for the kids to enjoy. They can also visit the dance hall, which serves liquor. It is perfect for all young girls who love to participate in traditional dances.

The Huntley

The Huntley Hotel Santa Monica California is a delightful piece of the bustling heart of Santa Monica. Nestled between Beverly and Montecito, The Huntley Hotel was the very first hotel in this area. Situated on the famous Santa Monica Pier, the Huntley Hotel offers fabulous views of the pier and of the beautiful city of Santa Monica. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or you simply want to relax after a long day, you will find a great selection of hotel accommodations at The Huntley Hotel Santa Monica.

The Huntley Hotel offers guests a wonderful choice of rooms for their stay. There are four different types of rooms to choose from: guestrooms, suites, single-room-occupancy and double-room-occupancy. The Huntley Hotel also offers a luxury spa that offers both relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. If you are looking for something more formal, the Huntley Hotel offers rooms that offer a pool and more inviting amenities. Although the Huntley Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Santa Monica, the small size of the hotel makes it ideal for those who are seeking some privacy and prefer to go on vacation in groups.

Unlike other hotels, The Huntley Hotel is not located next to a busy street. This makes it convenient for people who want to enjoy shopping in Santa Monica while staying at a luxurious hotel. The Huntley Hotel also offers excellent services for the discerning traveler. Since the Huntley Hotel is located in the heart of a busy neighborhood, the hotel has a well-stocked gift shop where travelers can get gifts for their loved ones. The Huntley Hotel also offers safe deposit boxes for all of your valuables so that you can conveniently store them when you are away from home.

 The Shore Hotel

If you are looking for a luxurious place to stay while visiting the coast, The Shore Hotel Santa Monica is a perfect choice. Located right on the beautiful Pacific Coast, the hotel is right on the beach and has enough room for everyone. This hotel offers everything from comfortable rooms to rooms with excellent views of the ocean. If you want to get away from it all, it is also possible to stay in a hotel called Bunkhouse. This hotel has a small yet comfortable room and is a perfect place to sleep the night.

There are many activities you can do before you drift off to sleep at your own room, but before you do anything, why not relax by the pool or take a stroll around the beach? Do not miss the nice old train that runs daily between the hotel and the beach. The hotel has a wide variety of activities to offer visitors. You can choose to take the four-wheeler bike or bicycle tour that takes you through beautiful landscapes and opens up the sights and sounds of the entire place. An activity that is really popular is a tour of the ruins of the old train station. You can enjoy the sites along the way.

Take a walk along the beaches of Santa Monica and discover what has been left behind by the sea. You will be amazed to see all the great hotels along the beach. The Shore Hotel Santa Monica also has different restaurants and shops where you can shop for souvenirs and to spend time. You can visit the Museum of Natural History, Zoological Gardens, Men's Wearhouse, or visit to the Santa Monica Pier. If you have time, you can go back to the hotel and have dinner in the guesthouse. There are many activities that are free of charge and you can do them for free.

The Georgian Hotel

The Georgian Hotel Santa Monica is an Old Hollywood joint. The set for the classic movie Casablanca was found here and the Georgian Hotel is the only remaining hotel in the Old Town. Known for their elegant and luxurious suites and unending opulence, the Georgian was also a favorite place for Ernest Hemingway to stay while in Santa Monica. The famous writer penned many of his most famous and popular works on the premises of the Georgian Hotel. You can still visit the hotel for their rooms and get a glimpse of the Hemingway's heyday.

Ernest Hemingway and Hollywood legends Burt Lancaster and Lauren Bacall were all on the premises when the famous author stayed in the Georgian Hotel on his visit to Santa Monica in 1929. They were on the first night of a short trip to California after his stint as the White House correspondent in Washington D.C. It is the only hotel from this era that still exists and has the beautiful dining room where Hemingway and his friends feasted upon their favorite Hemingway-type dishes. The old hotel provides a homey and nostalgic feel to its rooms and they have the elegant appearance of a classy hotel. Their rooms come with comfortable sofa beds and have fireplaces in each room.

The hotel offers such modern amenities and they are easy to get to in case you need to enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other or simply want to relax after a long day at work. You can also take advantage of the beautiful pool and the spa at the hotel to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. If you are looking for a great hotel in Santa Monica, The Georgian Hotel Santa Monica would be the right choice for you.