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Hot Hot Food LA

Hot Hot Food serves delicious Mexican-Chinese fusion foods and its signature dish – fried rice. It’s not just a simple fried rice dish. The fried rice served in the restaurant is topped with jalapenos, pickled onions, avocado salsa verde, fried egg and fresh avocado. It’s gluten-free and can be made into a vegan dish if the egg is removed. The fried rice comes in various flavors like pork fried rice with crispy tempura tofu, carnitas and Hawaiian dish loco moco. There are other dishes such as huevos rancheros, Fluffernutter sandwich and avocado toast. If you are looking for a nice place where you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals, you can always visit Hot Hot Food.


Located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, Hot Hot Food is the brainchild of Dean Harada and Coly Den Haan. The main dining room looks simple. There is a bar seating located at one corner and dark blue booths occupying the rest of the room. The patio is easily accessed thanks to the roll-up windows. Tall wooden walls conceal the patio from the street, so you can enjoy a quiet dining experience.

Hot Hot Food exudes a retro vibe with its disco-stripe décor. There is a jukebox and a shelf that contains antique items including a pink phone, a boombox and a statue of Indiana Jones. There’s also a vintage popcorn machine that you can use for free.  


Hot Hot Food’s signature dish is called LA fried rice. It is essentially Chinese fried rice enriched with Mexican street-taco flavor. The fried rice can be cooked with cauliflower rice, so it’s perfect for those who want to maintain their body. There are fancy options such as the chili-topped fried rice with hominy and brisket and pork fried rice with crunchy carnitas. You can also try the El Pollo Chulo, which is slow cooked chicken in lemongrass, lime and coconut milk. There is also the Aloha fried rice with brown gravy and grass-fed burger patty. Each LA fried rice dish is gluten-free and can be made vegan by skipping the egg.

The restaurant has been gaining attention from hipsters and families who want to eat flavorful dishes in a chill setting. Hot Hot Food’s menu is also kid-friendly. The restaurant’s fluffernutter is a sandwich with marshmallow fluff, banana, peanut butter and chocolate-ganache sauce. You may also want to try the avocado toast-ada. It’s an avocado dish with crunchy blue corn tortilla, coffee salt, egg and goat cheese.

If you want something sweet, you can get a plate of coconut rice pudding or a serving of seasonal soft ice cream with sprinkles. Refreshments include milk shakes in various flavors like toasted marshmallow coconut milk and strawberry, banana almond graham and lemon olive oil and sea salt.

Business Hours

Hot Hot Food is open from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening. The restaurant plans to get a permit for serving alcohol. In the meantime, Den Haan’s wine shop “Vinovore” is where you can get some beer and wine to pair with a delicious plate of LA fried rice.


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