Creative Jewelry Design by Inbar Shapira

Creative Jewelry Design by Inbar Shapira

Posted on 21 April 2016

Unique jewelry designers from Israel have started to make their mark on global fashion. Israeli designer Inbar Shapira, has been making a splash for sometime, the rising design star founded the brand ‘Inbar Shapira Jewelry and Accessories’ in 2010.
Inbar Shapira Jewelry grew from a global outlook on contemporary jewelry market. It is inspired by the desire to help customers fashion their unique individuality as active choosers, rather than as passive consumers.

Inbar Shapira Jewelry attempts to create a linkage between the spiritual wisdom of ancient worlds to the sophistication and style of high-flux, city-smart modernity.

Inbar Shapira Jewelry items are singularly manufactured by hand. Some of the items are produced as limited editions. Every item offers a characteristic certificate of preciousness and exclusivity, involving chic with urban style.

TT: How did your journey as a jewelry designer begin?
IS: My  journey  as a jewelry designer begin in my imagination when I was young child . Practically, it began 10 years ago while traveling in India, where I discovered the magic of stones and metals.
TT: What is your favorite part of the process?
IS:  My favorite part of the process is that special moment that my idea becomes material, when it  becomes  real.
TT: Which piece have you most connected with?
IS: The pieces that I mostly  wear on my body are the Wing cuff and the Master totem necklace
TT: What's next for the line?
IS. For the next collection I will use many stones that I love, ruby , emerald , sapphire and more.
Also I will be designing with a  different point of view of the connection between jewelry and the feminine body.
There is something magical about her pieces, I think they have the potential to globalize any outfit.

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