Unique Handbags From Nigeria

Unique Handbags From Nigeria

Posted on 07 May 2016

There perhaps aren't many things that capture my heart instantaneously. I first discovered Mak Nisy at Fashion Cafe in Abuja, Nigeria and in an instant, I was opening up my wallet, I wanted one of everything. There are endless handbag options available, what won my heart and my purse was how unique, yet authentically African the pieces were. When I meet the designer, her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her country, were equally inspiring.

What's the Mak Nisy story?

Mak Nisy collections was birthed in 2011 by me Nneamaka Nwosisi. As a big lover of handbags and all things African my dream was to create a fashion line that will showcased the African culture and yet be modern enough for the today's woman. So I created a brand that specializes in designing and producing handmade bags, shoes, accessories and cooperate items with African, Continental and variety of print fabrics which are all sourced from our local market. Though hardworking and perseverance of the Mak Nisy team, we have become one of the top go to brands for good quality finish bags and accessories produced in Nigeria by both local and international customers.

Your bags are very unique, what inspires you?
My design inspiration comes from things I see everyday, from my clients, and from the different fabrics I use to create my designs. I also draw inspiration from other designers.
 Which piece is your personal favorite?

I can't actually pick one design as my favorite because they all unique in there own way. But the satchel bags has been the biggest hit with our customers and sold more than all my other designs.

African prints seem to play an integral role in your design process, what are your thoughts on the recent serge of African prints on global runways?


I think the serge of African print on the global runways comes from the fact that they are colorful and can be used to create a variety of designs. It shows that's the African print is here to stay with the way to designers around the world have welcomed it and I think it's just the beginning.

What's next for Mak Nisy?

We are working on our leather line of handbags and accessories now and we hope to launch it into the market fully by second quarter of this year.


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