5 Fresh Designers Emerging In 2016

5 Emerging Designers To Watch In 2016

Posted on 03 January 2016

This is an exciting year in the world of fashion trends, especially for women’s fashion, thanks to a new group of emerging designers who are bringing a fresh look to an industry that seemed more interested in wanting to rehash the tendencies of a time gone by than in creating new styles for a future that has already arrived. Finding their inspiration and materials in nature, while adding a touch of the unknown, these new designers are taking a step ahead of the pack with clothing and jewelry that is as beautiful as it is unique.

Yet, even throughout the whirlwind of expectation surrounding their designs, we can find a common denominator amongst these brave newcomers to the world of fashion, and that is a focus on their youth. Although their proposal is aimed at women of all ages, their designs exude a youthful appearance that makes a bold statement to all those who have dared to step out of the box: “We are here, and we are ready to be seen”. But who are these emerging designers, and what exactly do they have to offer? To find out, follow me into a world of beauty and dreams, a place where everything is possible, a place where magic has once again come to life.

Dominique Reneé

Dominique got her start in fashion in a most unexpected way. At a time when she did not believe she had what it would take to turn her passion for accessories into the career of her dreams, those around her started taking notice of the way she designed her nails. It was this that led her to hand craft accessories that focus on her African heritage, with jewelry created with bold, yet beautiful materials, as is the case of her colorful RUDE Beaded Necklace, one which is sure to draw the eyes of more than a handful of spectators thanks to its outstanding craftsmanship and flattering, yet intricate form.

304# Clothing

Coming from diverse backgrounds completely unrelated to fashion, this duo has taken the clothing scenery by storm. With sleek yet trendy lines that bring an added spot of beauty to clothing that is not only comfortable but easy to wear and soft on the eyes, their focus has been directed towards natural fabrics that move and breathe with the wearer, evoking that feeling of warmth only the perfect piece can create. Such is the case of their newest sweat shirt, emblazoned with the words New York New York on the front, which has been created to enjoy a comfortable moment without losing that touch of elegance so reminiscent of a night out on Broadway.

Shh by Sadie

Emerging as one of the most exciting new jewelry designers in recent times, Sadie Hawker brings a world of color and fun to trends that were once eclectic and flat. The vintage touch added by limited bead collections and other rare elements, turn already graceful designs into an explosion of life and joy only rarely seen in the world of fashion before. This becomes especially noticeable in her Acapulco necklace which combines embellishments based on Aztec tradition with an innate sense of beauty, to produce an item that can be worn just as well on the beach as during the most sophisticated night on the town.

Chick-Lit Designs

Owned and headed by Michelle Wolett, Chick-Lit Designs brings to life the excitement of a favorite novel or the nostalgia of a well-loved book by hand crafting delightful clutch bags out of the hardcover books themselves, emphasizing the importance of literature to a world that has strayed away from books in favor of technological advancements. Such is the goal of this extraordinary Frankenstein Book Clutch, which contains elements carefully selected to meld into the book while maintaining that special feel only a work of art can provide.


Born in the Philippines, Danelyn Rillera got an early start in fashion design, an art she has been practicing professionally for over a decade, ever since she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. Determined to pursue the dreams of her childhood by creating a line of clothing that could be worn by women of any age and build, she launched Daria in 2009. Producing pieces as flattering as the Georgina dress, Daria has finally achieved what many have only been able to wish, the combination of comfort and elegance which results in clothing any woman can love.

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