Celebrity Vacation Style? Yes Please!

Celebrity Vacation Style? Yes Please!

Posted on 28 June 2016

For too long we gazed with envious eyes at our favorite celebrities and the excellent clothing they choose to wear. With all that money, it's difficult to imagine what you would wear, that is, until you are forced to see what exactly they would and do wear. However, you don't need to be a multi-millionaire or a world-famous celebrity to dress like one. Trendytreat specializes in providing their customers with the celebrity look, for less cash.

Here are five celebrity trends you can begin catching up with today:

 Celebrity Vacation Trend - Tribal Print

Head to the airport looking like Beyonce as you chase your next beach vacation in a sleek Shiva Dress from Trendy Treat. Beyonce knows how to take on her travel ambitions while experiencing a cool breeze from the high seas in her short African colored dress. With the Shiva Dress, you can achieve the same lightweight and African colored appeal.

Celebrity Vacation Trend - Magical Maxi Dresses

Rihanna went shopping in a Sardinia Martin floral maxi dress, and has proven that asymmetric designs not only work well, but have a shot at establishing a lasting trend in celebrity fashion. A new series of assymetric floral dresses have hit the market, however, many are struggling to find an affordable deal. With dresses like the "Blue Kimono", you can impress your friends with an edgy dress that places the flowers across your front and backside with red and blue colors that catch the eye.


Celebrity Vacation Trend - Jumping For Jumpsuits

There will always be one fashion piece that proves its wearer to be a true fashionista:The Jumpsuit. Whether flaunted by actresses such as Emma Stone on the red carpet, or showcased by Rihanna while vacationing on a yacht in Portofino, France, the Jumpsuit proves to be a classy alternative to more glammed-up gowns. Try the new White Sequin jumpsuit from Evelyn Belluci to get ahead of this trend for only 69 dollars plus tax.


Celebrity Vacation Trend - Nude Nowness

Who says beige is boring? Kim Kardashian proved anyone who holds doubts wrong when she was spotted in Paris wearing a nude dress and camel coat. For only 59 dollars you can dress up and go out on the town with the same chic style. Whether its Summer or Winter, this dress is the perfect way achieve a fashionable presence for any occasion. The faux-fur fabric is as fierce as Kim herself, and helps you remain animal friendly.

 Celebrity Vacation Trend - Casual Chic 

If you're the care-free type, then Loose fitted dresses are the best way to share your personality. Kendall Jenner has shown what it means to rock the loose fitted look, and now with the help of Trendy Treat, you can as well. Even Kaley Cuaco is giving the style a try with her black mullet t-shirt dress. Whether it is plain white or stripped and quirky, the loose fitted dress may just be the most stylish celebrity trend to embrace this summer.

With Tendy Treat, you can dress like a celebrity with vacation style, without the celebrity paycheck. Thanks to our record-low prices, we're bringing you some of the hottest fashion trends of the year.

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