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Many travelers for business or leisure have opted more recently to book their own unique places to stay at online. The trend of websites such as Airbnb and VRBO allow consumers to hand pick a house or room to fit their needs when they're on the go. Families and solo travelers can book unique stays without the hassle of finding an overcrowded hotel or overstaying their welcome with a friend in town. Here are five of our top picks of websites to book unique stays when you need to get away.

Plans Matter
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Plans Matter is a great resource when you want to find unique places to stay online. This website is focused on customers who want to book unique stays in beautiful architectural residences around the globe. From snowy mountain hotels to tropical getaways, Plans Matter has hand-picked options from knowledgeable architects.

Nomad Stays 
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Nomad Stays is one of the many go-to websites to book unique stays with its concentration on providing places for artists and entrepreneurs. This communal living allows like-minded individuals to work together and cohabitate in harmony during their trip. Those with a sense of adventure can enjoy the relaxed feel of staying with others and the nomad life.

Slow Cabins

Book unique vacations online

Slow Cabins is an environmentally based business when you're looking to get away from the world. These natural cabins are perfect for a romantic vacation or a trip with family to enjoy nature at peace. Utilities are environmentally conscious to give back to the world with nature based activities all can enjoy before heading home to the hustle of every day life.

Airbnb Live There
Book unique vacations online

Airbnb is usually a top choice when a traveler wants to find unique places to stay online. This popular program opens doors to visitors all over the world to stay in their dream location and features background checks and regulations for your safety. Renters and visitors can establish a friendship that will allow easy transactions whenever one needs a different place to stay during a vacation or business trip.


Book unique vacations online

CryptoCribs is a modern business for tech-savvy individuals who prefer crypto currency instead of paying in cash for a place to stay. Sleek apartments and rooms are available wherever the place accepts currency such as BitCoin for a unique transaction between renter and visitor.