The Clift San Francisco | The Trendy Girl's Guide


The Clift San Fransisco is a luxury boutique hotel with a century-old ambiance. The design of the clift hotel has artwork and finishing of different designs and themes. The wow factor of the hotel is in its various design themes. The hotel has an aura of energy that most visitors appreciate. An excellent hotel has to have features that leave a lasting memory in the mind of its visitors. The Clift San Francisco will sure leave a lifetime impression on anyone who sets foot there.


The Clift ranks high in the list of San Francisco hotels that you must visit. Standing only a few meters away from the Financial District, the hotel is equipped to cater for high-end customers. There are also some landmarks of San Francisco that are near this prestigious hotel including: The Moscone Convention Center, Fisherman's Warf, Telegraph Hill, Golden Gate Bridge, Nob Hill, Embacardero, and Coit Tower. This great location makes it easy to trace the hotel using the various landmarks. Visitors can also enjoy site seeing at these landmarks without having to drive far from the clift sf.

The room

The hotel room at the Clift is just breathtaking. You will find different sizes of rooms including suites at the hotel. The furniture caters for both class and comfort. You are sure to enjoy comfy linens, soft pillows, and warm comforters. Enjoy surprise treats once you open the door to your luxurious room for the first time. The hotel offers top quality room services for all hotel guests.

The bathroom

The old century ambiance is very real in the bathroom at the Clift. The bathrooms are well equipped with all you need. The rooms have spacious bathtubs and warm showers. The bathroom walls have full-length mirrors that enable you to have a 360 degrees view. High-end bathroom technology makes your bathroom experience great and refreshing. Enjoy high-quality toiletries beautifully crafted with the hotel's logo.


The Clift hotel has free wifi enabled all over the hotel. Guests looking to have some fun can step into the Living Room. The Living Room is a great club with fantastic music and exciting ambiance. The Old English club plays a variety of music from all over the world. The Velvet Room offers space for people who want to host special events. The Redwood Room is a favorite spot for visitors who have a keen eye for art. The room has Redwood walls and beautiful art pieces that are a beauty to behold. You can never run out of ideas on what to do when you are visiting the hotel.

Room service

If you are looking to have relaxed time indoors, you do not have to bother about dinner. Just make a call and place an order from the room service menu. The hotel chefs never disappoint in making tantalizing cuisine. The room service at the Clift hotel is fast, efficient, friendly and always ready to help.

Bottom line

The Clift creates a relaxing ambiance not only by the furniture and fittings but also by the quality of service. The friendly staff at the hotel is willing to go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable and happy. The location of the hotel makes it easy to find.