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Monsieur Benjamin Restaurant Review

San Francisco has become synonymous with fine dining. The city has become the destination of choice for many food enthusiasts. There is an energy in The Bay Area, it's not all about the food, but it encompasses your meal, the environment of where you are eating, the décor of the restaurant.

No matter what city, state or country you are in, there are restaurants that you can have a fine dining experience that you will thoroughly enjoy. A noteworthy restaurant addition is Monsieur Benjamin!

In a sea of great restaurants, this one stands out. Known for the location and the amazing French cuisine, Monsieur Benjamin aims to please. When you step into this restaurant you will have the immediate Parisian feel. A reservation at Monsieur Benjamin means you're going to have the dining experience of a lifetime! Whether you are dining at Monsieur Benjamin for brunch or for dinner, it will be a decision and choice you will be happy you made for many years to come.

When I walked into the restaurant I was floored by how extremely helpful and personable the staff was! It didn't feel like it was anything that was forced, it was completely genuine and real. Once I ordered my food I knew it was going to be a meal that I would always remember.

I ordered the quail, in a word, exquisite. Quail is a rarity on West Coast menus, tender, succulent and thoroughly enjoyable. For desert, a divine melted cheese dish that was called Espoisses Toast and champagne to add to my elegant meal as well as top it off! Oh the many options I had to choose from it seemed as if the menu was endless. And the wine lis Monsieur Benjamin has such an extensive wine list it was really hard to decide upon what I would have.

Monsieur Benjamin was in close proximity to a lot of great places that are well known and loved by many. City Hall, the San Francisco Ballet and Opera House and the Symphony Hall are all steps away. So if you are planning an evening adventure with your girlfriends at the Symphony Hall and you plan on eating before or after you go, then Monsieur Benjamin is the perfect place for you.You will love the first class experience that you will have to extend your evening out.

San Francisco is one of the top cities that you can have a great time and have many great restaurants that you will love the dining experience at. Not only does San Francisco have a lot of restaurants, but this city is known as one of the best cities that you can get food at in the country.

The city is known well for the farm to table concept that many of the restaurants take on. Not only is the better for you as the consumer, but it helps in making the food taste a lot better! That's another thing you will find out about Monsieur Benjamin, the taste of the food is really memorable. 

You're going to absolutely love your time and your dining experience at Monsieur Benjamin.It something you will never forget and you will be happy that you made this choice to dine here.

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