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Restaurant Review Bistro Don Giovanni | The Trendy Fork

When you are looking for where to eat in Napa and the surrounding Napa valley, you want a relaxing setting that allows you to enjoy a meal to your heart's content.

That's why this restaurant review of Bistro Don Giovanni should work out handsomely for you and your companions.

The restaurant is located within a small drive of the San Francisco Bay area, northeast of San Francisco in the rich and rolling surroundings of wine country. And wine will definitely go well with the dishes served by proprietor Giovanni Scala and Chef de Cuisine Hugo Martinez. Both Scala and Martinez believe in dishes prepared with love with down-to-earth ingredients and succulent sauces.

The stunning views of the valley are what draw you in at first, but then the food comes and you definitely fall in love. Enjoy delicious beef carpaccio or calamari fritto misto (when offered) as part of the appetizer menu. The menu changes monthly, so you may sample ravioli or spaghetti with clams off the pasta courses or eat hearty braised lamb shoulder stew as an entree choice.

The menu and its vast assortment of delicious dishes are sure to offer tons of enjoyment for the discerning pasta lover. Lamb lovers also have a lot to love from the menu, which features gnocchetti with truffle pecorino as part of the pasta menu. A secondary course featured the lamb shoulder stew with spring vegetables and soft polenta.

Since the restaurant is located within the Napa region, wines range from sparkling wines to white and rose offerings to red wines. There is a drink that goes handsomely with every dish on the menu, so pair your pastas or main courses with many fancy beverages.

Desserts include Italian offerings such as tiramisu, creme brulee and house made gelatos as part of a succulent end to a wonderful meal.

With biking and other scenic trail options offered as part of the package in the Napa Valley, a tour of wine country definitely will get you set for a robust, rich meal that includes fine salads, pasta dishes and main courses that sample the finest in seafood and meats. Bistro Don Giovani is a fine example of where to eat in Napa when it comes to rich Italian cuisine. And, since the menu changes, you will be able to sample new dishes on a monthly basis and get to know Martinez's cuisine a lot better over time. With fine wine, it is a feast to enjoy.

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