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The Grill at The St Regis Restaurant Review| A Trendy Girl's Guide

Thinking about where to eat in San Franciso? For the perfect night on the town with the girls head over to the St. Regis San Francisco. Known for its seafood and steaks, it's a great spot to be seen and take a date to - or bring your friend if she's in culinary school. More about that later.

In town for a few days, we decided to make this our culinary dining spot after hearing great reviews about this being a top foodie destination and my friend is in culinary school! So you know I had to impress while I was in town.


The St Regis San Francisco Restaurant Review

The hotel

San Francisco has a host of great restaurants and most have stellar views of San Francisco, outdoor seating and so forth. The standout at the Grill at the St Regis San Francisco is that it touches on so many great points we had a wonderful time. Located on 3rd Street, the St. Regis is already welcoming with its warm lighting in the lounge and cozy corners perfect for chatting up conversation with some cutie before dinner. As I was here with my sis and her friend, we had white wine spritzers and enjoyed the atmosphere as the dinner crowd started coming in.

The hotel side is very happening. Wanted to stay here for their indoor pool area, and the rooms are stunning. The bar is my style with the hardwood floors, velvet seating, high back chairs and dim lighting. The artwork fills the space well. One of the bartenders said they have commissioned pieces up all over. Perfect for the artsy crowd as it had a the model/celeb vibe. With a suitably modern and chic style, we were ready to check in! Have had breakfast in the past in the upstairs dining room.

The Grill At The St Regis San Francisco

The restaurant

The terrace view was phenomenal as we enjoyed watching people walking by on the sidewalk. The view was also great with a few hotties that came in with suits on. Love the Wall Street look! The dim lights make the ambiance very relaxing. At one point I thought I saw Gigi Hadad and that one hot actor with the beard, but can't be sure as I didn't want to stare. Asked if it was her and the waiter said maybe because celebs are in a lot.

The Grill At The St Regis San Francisco

The meal

Staff is very accommodating and attentive. Manager named Maxine was exceptionally charming and we found Chef Franck walking through the dining room and quite engaging! This was my second time here, first for my friend. There was a brief wait for our entrees, and so worth the wait! I had the fish, she had the veal steak, her friend had a pasta dish. My friend mentioned it was sustainably raised veal and a special order. She loved it so I was pleased. Sides were mushrooms in a wine sauce and creamed spinach. We all loved our dishes. Will come back again.

The St Regis San Francisco

Overall I give it 5-Stars

When here the last time had a veggie omelette for a brief breakfast meeting, but didn't have time to write a review as I was about to fly out. This is definitely the place to see everyone and to be seen! Wish I had gotten here earlier to schmooze a little more! You will score major points if your friend is in culinary school! She's still talking about it and the chef walking around! She thinks he came to Le Cordon Bleu to speak a while back.

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