The Trendy Girls Guide To Champagne

With so many types of champagne to choose from it can be difficult to narrow it down. There are certain types and brands of champagnes that are better than others. The more informed you are about the different types the easier it is to choose the best champagne for you. These are some of the most famous:

Dom Perignon

There is no doubt that one of the most famous brands of champagne in the world is Dom Perignon. The man was responsible for setting the precedent that is now used to process wine. As a result, it went on to become a popular choice among the royal and wealthy all over the world.

Moet & Chandon

Among the world's most expensive brands of champagne is Moet & Chandon. In the 1750s the champagne was first introduced and went on to become the drink of choice for the Duke of Wellington as well as Napoleon. This champagne is still cherished by many in today's world, including Queen Elizabeth.


Bollinger Champagne is one of the most popular thanks to the James Bond movies. It has been used in at least a dozen of those movies and the books as well. The reason the champagne was used in the books and the movies is because it is said that many of the champagne's traits are trait's shared by Bond.

Champagne Types

There are many types of champagne to choose from, depending on your personal preferences. The types of champagnes you will find at your local liquor store are:

  • brut
  • extra dry
  • sec
  • demi sec
  • vintage
  • non-vintage

The driest type of champagne is Brut. For something slightly wetter, extra dry is another common type. Sec is a sweet type of champagne and demi sec is the sweetest champagne you will find. A vintage bottle of champagne is made using grapes grown and picked over the course of one year. Any champagne that is not labeled vintage is made using grapes grown and picked over the course of multiple years.

How It's Made

There are several steps used to process champagne. The first step is to choose the cuvee, which is the wine selected to start creating the champagne. Top of the line champagnes are made using wine obtained from Grand Cru vineyards. Lower priced champagnes are made using wine made of pure grapes or a combination of types of grapes.

The second step in the process is to blend the wines being used. This step is what makes the finest champagne better than any others. The third step in the process is to perform the second fermentation. This involves adding nutrients, yeast and sugar. These ingredients are blended together, poured into a bottle and kept in a refrigerated area.

The fourth step is to let it age, which leads to the fifth step; removing the now dead yeast cells from the bottle. The sixth step is freezing the neck of the bottle in salt and ice. Additional ingredients are then added and the cork is placed in the bottle. The last step is securing the cork using a small wire.

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