The Best Restaurant Review Apps

The Best Restaurant Review Apps

Restaurants have become one of the most favorite places of individuals regardless of age, gender and social status. And since these are places where delicious foods and refreshing beverages are served, restaurants usually have big crowds. With the array of restaurants operating nowadays, competition has become rampant leaving customers confused and overwhelmed as to what best restaurant to choose.

Reviews have played a vital role in influencing consumers’ choice and with lots of customers sharing their restaurant reviews mostly online; this has paved way for technology to do its part. That being said, best restaurant review apps were born. These apps are now creating buzz and getting the attention and interest of numerous shoppers and consumers.Unveiling Some of the Best Restaurant Review AppsWith modern technological advancements and innovations, various applications were introduced today aimed to promote modern conveniences and ultimate satisfaction of consumers. One of these applications is restaurant review app. But to ensure excellent use and best outcomes, it pays to use only the best restaurant review apps. The following are some of the best apps defined by great features and of course excellent performance:

Open Table

OpenTable is a free app allowing you to discover reserve and even manage restaurant reservations anytime, anywhere. This app also allows you to explore numerous restaurants, book for free and find available tables. OpenTable gives you access to photos, mobile features, menus, plus reviews and more. With this app, your next favorite and most delicious meals are just one tap away.


The Fork

Whether you are looking for local restaurant discount coupons or just unfamiliar with a particular place and you wanted to find delicious meals nearby, this restaurant app can be of great help. This also allows you to save big in your next restaurant purchases.



Zaggat app helps you find the best restaurant regardless of your location. This is also one of the best restaurant review apps giving you access to exclusive Zaggat’s restaurant reviews and ratings. This app also helps diners come up with the most informed decision based on collective opinions of customers.


Dining Grades

This is a handy app you can use to double check prior to booking somewhere. Dining Grades also rates the restaurant based on one important factor and that is cleanliness. This app also makes it easier to browse through scores and comments provided by users and can also be used to check on the cleanliness of the restaurant you wanted to go.


Urban Spooon

This is also one of the best restaurant apps that allow you to compare choices of restaurants based on popularity levels, distance, cuisines and rating. You can also use this to browse menus as well as photos of foods being offered. You can even make a reservation using this app.


Urban Spoon

This is the app for health conscious people for this allow them to find healthy foods and vegan meals. This is a reliable healthy restaurant finder that also ranks restaurants nearby based on the quality of the foods they serve. Wherever you are and regardless of the type of your diet, Tasteful app helps you find the right restaurants and dishes that meets your diet and your lifestyle.


No Wait

Get quickly in line for your most favorite restaurants from your device even with no reservations. You can do this with the help of this restaurant app. Download this app now and never wait to be conveniently seated again.



This restaurant app summarizes restaurant reviews so you won’t miss out the moment you dine out. The Hapibelly rating pertains to the normalized score based on restaurant analytics from different online platforms. Best restaurant review apps deliver enormous benefits and with all these amazing benefits, you will now surely realize that choosing and using the best apps completely makes sense. There might be countless apps available out there but using only the best one guarantee satisfying and memorable user experience.