What to do in Dubai? A Trendy Girl's Guide


What to do in Dubai? A Trendy Girl's Guide

Posted on 25 June 2016

Dubai: The Man-Made Paradise

Over the last few years there has been a rise in popularity for the area of Dubai. Dubai has been taking strides to make sure the city is seen as a great place for leisure and business… with these strides being made the amount of visitors that the city has seen has grown. With so many visitors the city of Dubai has had higher rankings on many global travel tables. It has quickly become a top destination to visit for international travelers and there are great reasons as to why this has occurred. 

One major reason for so many visitors making their way to Dubai is because of the many celebrities that have been visiting the city and making sure their visits are known about. A lot of celebrities that have been seen in Dubai happen to include Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton are a few of the extremely popular celebrities that don't just visit Dubai but also have chosen Dubai to promote their new product lines. There are also celebrities like Ashton Kutcher who are launching business ventures in the amazing city. He has opened a restaurant in the downtown area of Dubai, but there are many other business ventures from other celebrities that are being sought after to open in Dubai, seeing that it has become and increasingly popular city for many visitors.  

Kim at Atlantis The Palm

Along with celebrities making their presence known in the beautiful city, there are a lot of great places that people love to visit and many things that can be enjoyed while you're on vacation there. Some of these places happen to include:

Must See Destinations… Burj Khalifa: This is the world's tallest tower, and it's very hard for you to miss. It really takes over the skyline of Dubai. It's a wonderful place to be able to experience and is truly beautiful on the outside but even more so from the inside. There's an observation deck located on the 124 level that provides you with an outstanding view of the wonderful city. There's so much you can enjoy in Burj Khalifa including the luxurious At The Top Sky Lounge that will give you another view and a the chance for you to have a delightful meal on the 122 level at At.mosphere. 


Burj Khalifa: The Icon of Dubai

Top Restaurants You'll Love… Al Mahara: If you want to experience the best seafood you can find in Dubai this is the restaurant you want to visit. You will have a sense that you are dining under the sea… although it is located in a hotel, with the ambience and the amazing food you get a great feel, a great meal and an overall great experience. 



Al Mahara at Burj Al Arab

Trendy Drinks… 40 Kong: The nightlife in Dubai is extremely awesome, but if you want to have the best time during your visit you have to make your way to 40 Kong at least once. It's an outdoor rooftop lounge and restaurant. It has a spectacular panoramic view of the city. If you are looking for somewhere to go that is open into the wee hours, then this late-night hangout is the right place for you to be at.


40 Kong Rooftop Lounge Bar

Fashionable Shopping… Dubai Mall: If you love shopping you will enjoy the Dubai Mall. It houses some of the very best stores which happen to include shops that have fashion for men, fashion for women, eyewear, footwear, mobile phones, toys and so much more. There truly is something for everyone in the Dubai Mall. Along with shops there are places where you can dine and all sorts of forms of entertainment for you to enjoy.


The Dubai Mall

Best Souk… Souk Al Bahar: This is the best place that you can go if you are looking for amazing shopping locations, outstanding entertainment and charming dining destinations… and it's all located in right in the heart of downtown Dubai. When you are here you will get the opportunity to see the ancient Arabic heritage at its best. There are more than 100 shops that you can enjoy. It's located along the waterfront promenade that overlooks the Dubai Fountain and it has an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa.


Souk Al Bahar, Down Town Dubai

Dubai is a city that is growing and becoming ever popular amongst many… when you make your way there, these are the places you just have to visit for sure.


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