Can I book a flight and pay later?

Vacations don't come around often enough. When they do come, it is usually with a hefty price tag. Most people wonder, how can I book a flight and pay later? These fly now pay later options of vacation plans can let you enjoy more of that time off. Allowing you to plan out a vacation to pay what you want, when you want and catch all the bargains, without having to pay up front. If you are a planner or more impulsive, these options can help any of your vacations.


Can I book a flight now and pay later

Affirm is a payment option during checkout. You can request Affirm, and pending approval, select the payment plan that works best for you. With no late fees charged for this option and no hits to your credit report, this seems like a pretty good option to fly now pay later. However, there are only certain sites that offer the Affirm option. Delta Vacations, Expedia, Priceline, and CheapOAir are some of the sites that have this choice to pay later for flights.


 Can I book a flight now and pay later

With Airfordable, you are buying the ticket from the company, not through another site. Pick the ticket, submit it to Airfordable and pay a service fee. You get to book a flight and pay later. There are no payments that need to be made, but you only receive the ticket after it has been paid off.

American Airlines Credit Card

 Can I book a flight now and pay later?

The American Airlines Credit Card is one of the better answers to, "Can I book a flight and pay later?". Unlike the other options this is a credit card, as the name suggests. So, it brings the normal challenges for a credit card, you have to pass the approval process and you pay interest on your balance. The difference from other credit cards, a purchase of $150 or more allows you to defer the interest for six months. So, as long as you pay off the balance in six months then you pay no interest.

KLM and Paypal

Can I book a flight now and pay later?

With KLM and Paypal, you will choose to pay with Paypal and select Bill Me Later. You will answer a few questions and receive your statement in your email and start paying off your ticket. With this option you will start paying interest on the ticket immediately, but you will get to pay later for flights.

STA Book Now and Pay Later

Can I book a flight now and pay later?
STA Book Now and Pay Later, has the feeling of a travel agency. You can lock in a good price and pay later for flights that you see today. Then, pay off the ticket before the departure date. It requires a deposit which can be as high as $299 or as low as $49. This option is only available for flights offered on their website and only on International Flights. While that is a limiting factor for choices on a flight, you can book a flight and pay later, choosing the price you prefer to pay.