BEGADA- A Brand synonymous to Beauty, Elegance, Art, Exclusivity, Originality, & Excellence in the world of fashion Jewelry & Accessories. Launched in 2014 by B Gada who comes from a business family involved in creating and exporting high quality glass beads to reputed fashion designers internationally.
B Gada develops hand stitched intricate jewelry pieces by using Austrian crystal components & elements which are exclusively developed & globally sourced for the collection.
The very essence of BEGADA is to create exquisite embellished, showcasing breathtaking embroidery & other techniques.
UTILIZING HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS, generally found only in high-priced brands
Each piece is very Exclusive as from design patterns to the Components used for the collection are developed in our own workshop & we have a huge collection of Swarovski & high quality, unusual elements which are used in our collection which is handmade in our own studio in Mumbai.

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