Chick Lit Designs


Chick Lit Designs

Michelle Wolett is the designer and owner of Chick Lit Designs. Known for her instantly recognizable "Book Clutches", Chick Lit Designs embraces both brains and beauty by transforming favorite books into original and timeless fashion statements.

Featured on E! Network's TV show "The Fabulist", British Vogue August 2014 issue and Mollie Makes magazine- Chick-Lit design's book clutches are becoming one of the hottest new trends! ,

Michelle runs her business from her home studio in the Suburbs of Gilbert, Arizona. Carefully selecting the closures, fabric to match the theme and colors of the book. When finished, the customer receives a nostalgic piece of art, combining fashion with the literary.

Inspired every day by fashion, books, colors and patterns, Michelle can't wait to design her upcoming collection.

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