Kesi Gibson

The Brand: Kyu is the Japanese word for progression and mélange is the French word for mixture. We create luxury from fusion. kyu mélange {Q-Meh-Longe} exemplifies cultural fusion on a global scale. True to kyu mélange signature aesthetic, the exquisite accessories collection fuses raw materials curated from various countries across the world, including Italy, Austria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, India, Ethiopia, Senegal and Jamaica. The result is a unique and highly individualized line of luxury products designed to allow women and men to express their edgy yet sophisticated style with elegance.

Why we love kyu mélange: Vibrant hand crafted leathers and suede exemplify quality. These pieces are sure to be staples in your wardrobe for years. Her design eye is also as impressive as the production quality. 

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