Mauke V

Mauke V

Maureen Vorswijk began her career in fashion, working in Amsterdam as a wardrobe stylist for theater shows and several fashion projects. After designing her own lingerie and fashion collection her designs were also worn in music videos, photo shoots and fashion shows. After 8 years Maureen made a career switch and she choose for her first love, Jewelry. First she solely made pieces for herself so she could develop her own designer handwriting. When family, friends and strangers requested that Maureen designed and make them pieces of their own, she decided it was time to start thinking about her first collection, and MAUKE V Jewelry was born.

Maureen Vorswijk doesn't follow any particular style, thoughts or rules but has created an own individual style which is made up of a combination of several existing styles. She draws from inner inspiration, from images of ancient times seeking their way through her mind into her hands, art, photography, old magazines, when looking at her family, personal transformation and her obsession for beautiful things. But the feeling she strives for is to create that piece of jewelry for her customers that makes them feel confident, feminine, strong the moment they put it on.

The MAUKE V collection includes exclusive beautiful cuff bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces and chokers adorned with hand picked beats, complete jewelry sets all made of Sterling Silver. Even handmade headpieces and feather necklaces are included, some other designs are made from knitted cotton thread in the color gold, adorned with beautiful beads bought in Nigeria, Africa. The jewelry collection was entirely crafted with hand in her Amsterdam atelier and every piece has been hand-polished.

The foundation of MAUKE V Jewelry will always remain the same, the challenge to continue creating unique jewelry with a timeless appeal for women.



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