Roberto Bolona and Gaby Viteri - PRYMAL's founders - noticed a need for people to start making smart choices in their everyday lives, including shopping. So they created PRYMAL, mixing sustainability with luxurious design!

PRYMAL is our way to help hard-working artisans, the environment and the planet.

PRYMAL emerges as a cult to nature, it is the continuous appreciation of unique crafts in a world of mass production.

Our goal is to share, communicate and try to understand the universe through creations made with primary and natural materials, revaluing the ancient practices of work that is 100% handmade.

PRYMAL believes that sustainability not only has to do with raw materials, but has to be integrated into the entire supply chain. PRYMAL is fully committed to using locally-sourced, sustainable raw materials.

We are constantly searching for environmental friendly means to continuously improve our performance. Also, promoting environmental awareness is an important part of the business.

PRYMAL's main products include:
- Toquilla Straw Hats (aka Panama Hats)
- Felt Hats
- Toquilla Straw Totes and Bags
- Ikat scarves

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