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The post-work week doldrums don't stand a chance against a good party. Fashion, travel, and food enthusiasts converged at Apartment 38 for a night of networking, mingling, and unwinding. Guests enjoyed the vibe at one of LA's trendiest and best-furnished art studios for parties.

When they weren't busy meandering through the studio viewing eye-catching works of art, the guests were reconnecting and dancing with industry executives, artists, models, and LA elites. With Apartment 38's the fully-stocked bar and DJ, guests were kept entertained and moving. While some people enjoyed the energy of the dance floor, others were mingling with new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and have an absolute blast! While our event at Apartment 38 was a total success, we also host other social gatherings all over the world. Trendy Treat prides itself as being an international business. This means we can connect people from different countries and cultures to share news, style tips, and so much more. Trendy Treat has the pleasure of hosting networking and social events in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. So wherever you are, a Trendy Treat social event is not far away.

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