Trendy Treat Food Vendors

Trendy Treat is on the lookout for modern and forward food vendors to participate in our two events: Ministry of brunch & Gourmet Groove

General idea 

Connect your brand with our growing global foodie community.

About Ministry Of Brunch

Ministry of brunch is a daytime dance party. Trendy Treat has an engaged millennial audience, enthusiastic about experiences and exploring their city.

About Gourmet Groove

Gourmet Groove is a new experience for food enthusiasts. The destination dining experience is a celebration of food, music, and culture. Our events allow attendees to connect local restaurants with an engaged audience of experience seekers.

About Trendy Treat 

Trendy Treat is a discovery portal for travelers and experience seekers. Trendy Treat hosts events in different cities. Our growing community of millennials and young urban professionals have participated in our experiences in New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Miami, and Paris.


Is there a fee to participate?

The participation fee is $400 and includes tables and chairs.

How large are the events? 

Trendy Treat events attract about 100 engaged attendees, primarily millennials and urban professionals with disposable incomes seeking new experiences.

How long are the events?

The events range from 2-4 hours

Where are the events held?

Trend Treat experiences are held in New York, Dubai, Paris, San Francisco, and Miami. You can participate in multiple cities.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"It was a great, relaxed, upbeat environment. The host was very welcoming and polite. I look forward to attending one of the next upcoming events."
"This was my first event and I was thoroughly impressed, had a great time, & met some cool people as well!"
"Immaculate venue!" 
 "Great venue and the staff was super friendly"