Fishes Kisses - Blue Violet
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  • Fishes Kisses - Blue Violet
  • Fishes Kisses - Blue Violet

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Fishes Kisses - Blue Violet

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Fishes Kisses is part of our Gond collection. A collection of prints inspired by the paintings of the Gond tribe. Fishes Kisses is a modern interpretation of a traditional Gond motif inspired by nature. Each fish motif has intricate patterns which look like brush strokes or dots which are typical of the Gond style. The Gonds are the largest tribal community in India and can be traced back to the pre-Aryan era. Gond paintings use a technique of creating textures by pattern. The artist starts with an outline, which is then filled with block colours. This is left to dry, then elaborate patterning is painted on top, which gives the designs their distinct three-dimensional quality. * wholesale price negotiable subject to conditions. Please write to us to know more

Color: Blue Violet

Material: 100% Habotai Silk

Item Fit / Dimensions: 110 x 110 cms

Made In: India

Shipped From: Netherlands

Lead Time: More than 1 Week

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